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Dear Business Owner:


The Gloucester High School Softball team has a wonderful tradition of developing the softball skills of our girls, as well as a proud history of competitive team success, both locally and regionally.


With today’s limited school budgets and resources, it is impossible for schools to provide the additional needed equipment, training uniforms and other expenses that are incurred throughout the softball season.   The Gloucester Softball Boosters Program is committed to doing all we can to support the needs of our girls and make their softball team experience a great one! 


This year, our team also has a great opportunity to attend a training program in April at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero, Beach Florida.  The trip is paid for by each team participant. Unfortunately, some will not have the financial means to participate. The Boosters Program would like to fill all available spots and give as many girls as we can the chance to participate in this great opportunity. 

Thank you for your Support!  Our players will be given more opportunities this season to be involved in a healthy, extracurricular activity, thanks to your generous contribution

YEAR round Dedication

Competing at this level is not a given.  Whether we agree with it or not, these athletes are training year round and parents are making a substantial investment in these athletes, hence why we can use help for our coaches and athletes

Training Programs
Sample Parent Investment
Assistant Coaches Dedication
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